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I help kids to release excess energy, relieve anxiety & reduce reactivity

Because I believe children who are comfortable with themselves become adults who change the world.

I started my journey as a Parenting Coach.

Primarily coaching moms, we always ended up strategizing self-care… how to fit in practices to support them in being the parent they really wanted to be. (Sound familiar?)

Gratitude, forgiveness, meditation… these were all part of my toolbox. Used regularly, they’re powerful tools.
I’m trained in methods of neural re-patterning, so we used these as well.

And, sometimes we just needed more.

One random September day while driving home from a conference (without kids in the car, a rare thing), I had an experience that would change my trajectory.
I began to hear little song bytes, repeated over and over again.. mantras with a lyrical tune (later dubbed SongMantras™). I soon found I could “channel” them for my clients, and they found them helpful ~ easy to call up in the moment when needed.

After a while, I wanted to know more about where the heck they were coming from…

So began my exploration into the world of Energy.

After being certified in several Energy modalities I worked with clients for years; helping them to shed stress, eliminate anxiety, and overall feel more… THEM.

I worked with kids and adults from the start.
Later I began to teach kids’ classes, helping them to understand their Energy system.

Finally I began to focus my work primarily on kids, coming full-circle back to supporting families.

My unique background as a Parenting Coach allows me to bring a wholistic perspective to working with kids.

As a Coach, I guided parents to identify triggers from their own childhood which play into their parenting.
As an Energy Practitioner for kids, we’re addressing those triggers NOW, before they settle in and wreak havoc to the nervous system.

Let’s talk about YOUR kids.
Feeling the need for some support?

Not sure how to help your child manage their sensitivity or anxiety?
Overwhelmed by constant tantrums?
At a loss for how to deal with excessive hyperactivity?

I can help.

Looking for Energetic support for adults? Find a list of services here.

Since your clearing, things are smoother! My daughter has been more calm and settled and happier!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Grateful mom

The number one thing that I advocate for as a parenting coach is knowing that no matter what we do, we can’t know everything as Moms AND it’s more than okay to ask for help. I knew that Natanya was just the person to help me help my son when I was out of resources.

As a Mom you know when a “stage” has gotten to a point when it’s chronic, and something needs to happen, something needs to change for your child to feel good and function better.

Even after just ONE session with Natanya, there was a shift! My neighbor who sometimes watches my boys and who has her own grown children couldn’t’ believe it. She thought I medicated him!... (and sheepishly admitted she had considered telling me that she thought he might have A.D.D. last time she watched him.)

I shared with her that the only thing I did was hire Natanya! Natanya worked with him all with distant healing energy work (I’m in NY and she’s in VT). Quite incredible. I can’t express how HUGE the shifts in my son have been.
— Melissa Rae Toro, Parenting Coach,