~ Practical Energetic Support ~

I believe the better you manage your energy, the better your life will feel.

• How overwhelmed are you by your life?
• Are you constantly worried about your child(ren)?
• Do you have effective ways to re-center yourself when you get stressed?


• you're overwhelmed by the sheer length of your list of to-do's and responsibilities.
• you're easily set off-balance by your child's behavior. 
• you're DONE with feeling the weight of the stress. 


I've been in every one of these places ~ believe me.

I am here to transform your stress into greater ease.

(I hear you saying “relief, please!" You got it.)

I started my journey as a Certified Parenting Coach. And, though I had ample opportunity, avoided working with Energy for years ~ until I was pretty much hit over the head with it (you can read more about that story here.) Since then, I have embraced it with gratitude (and a bit of relief ;))

I have worked with the Energy of many clients for many reasons, and come full-circle back to supporting parents ~ and kids ~ with reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and creating greater ease in their families.

Simply, I adore supporting YOU and your family.

  • Not sure how to help your child manage their sensitivity or anxiety?
  • Feeling crushed by the weight of taking care of... everyone (except, perhaps, yourself)?
  • Ready to feel more confident in the strategies and resources you have to manage the stress of parenting?

Ready to feel relief?
I can help.

My gift is playing with Energy.

How can I support you?

Drop me a line to let me know <3

I gained more insight in one session with Natanya than in working with other modalities in the last few years
— Carla Turcotte

Since your clearing, things are smoother! My daughter has been more calm and settled and happier!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Grateful mom

I received a series of clearings from Natanya during a period of total upheaval in my life; I was completely changing my identity and I had some negative beliefs and difficulty hanging around and making me uncomfortable.

Natanya’s clearings are felt immediately and gave me a sense of clarity and ease that really made my transition so much easier.

She has a gift of presenting “problems” in a positive light and provides sweet, nurturing guidance for moving forward.

After the healing, dissonant energy that had been hanging around was just gone. It was as if I had been in a noisy, distracting room and suddenly there was silence.

Natanya is a truly gifted healer and I would recommend her services without reservation.
— Elisabeth Wolfe, lisacwolfe.com