~ Practical Energetic Support ~

I believe the better you manage your energy, the better your life will feel.

• How overwhelmed are you by your life?
• Are you constantly worried about your kids?
• Do you have strategies to re-center when you’re stressed?


• you're overwhelmed by your list of to-do's and responsibilities.
• you're easily knocked off-balance by your child's behavior. 
• you're just tired of feeling the weight of stress. 


I've been in every one of these places ~ believe me.

I am here to transform your stress into greater ease.

(I hear you saying “relief, please!" You got it.)

I started my journey as a Certified Parenting Coach. And, though I had ample opportunity, avoided working with Energy for years ~ until I was pretty much hit over the head with it (you can read more about that story here.) Since then, I have embraced it with gratitude (and a bit of relief ;))

I have worked with the Energy of many clients for many reasons, and come full-circle back to supporting parents ~ and kids ~ with reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and creating greater ease in their families.

Simply, I adore supporting YOU and your family.

  • Not sure how to help your child manage their sensitivity or anxiety?

  • Feeling crushed by the weight of taking care of... everyone (except, perhaps, yourself)?

  • Ready to feel more confident in the strategies and resources you have to manage the stress of parenting?

Ready to feel relief?
I can help.

My gift is playing with Energy.

How can I support you?

Drop me a line to let me know :)


Natanya Lara is an Energy Practitioner supporting both kids and adults to calm their minds and release stress and anxiety. She is certified in several Energy modalities, as well as being a certified Parenting Coach.

Natanya envisions a world in which each person understands their own energy and emotions, and takes responsibility for how they show up and effect those around them. It is her belief that by teaching these skills to children, we take one step closer to that reality.

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I gained more insight in one session with Natanya than in working with other modalities in the last few years
— Carla Turcotte

Since your clearing, things are smoother! My daughter has been more calm and settled and happier!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Grateful mom

I received a series of clearings from Natanya during a period of total upheaval in my life; I was completely changing my identity and I had some negative beliefs and difficulty hanging around and making me uncomfortable.

Natanya’s clearings are felt immediately and gave me a sense of clarity and ease that really made my transition so much easier.

She has a gift of presenting “problems” in a positive light and provides sweet, nurturing guidance for moving forward.

After the healing, dissonant energy that had been hanging around was just gone. It was as if I had been in a noisy, distracting room and suddenly there was silence.

Natanya is a truly gifted healer and I would recommend her services without reservation.
— Elisabeth Wolfe, lisacwolfe.com