Do you resist being Present?

We have an epidemic in our Western culture... most of us, most of the time, are not Present.

Why does this matter so much to me? 

Because I believe we live more fulfilling lives when we listen to our intuition. And, when our intuition speaks to us, it's not loud. It's very, very quiet. So we must be Present to notice it.

How many times have you had the experience of saying to yourself after the fact: "I knew I should have/shouldn't have... (insert decision here)"?

Maybe you had the urge to turn left but instead turned right at an intersection and ended up in a traffic jam. Maybe you thought about running back inside when you left home, but didn't, finding when you arrived at your destination that you forgot something important. Whatever the circumstance, you did know... you had an intuition that you ignored, because it wasn't very loud, and when we're not truly Present it's easy to ignore. 

We resist being Present for all sorts of reasons, but generally, all the reasons distill down into one: it's just not comfortable. In fact, for some, it's downright painful. Because we carry pain and trauma in our bodies from a lifetime of experience, it's often a place we don't want to be.

And so, instead of allowing ourselves to feel what it's like to be Present in our bodies, we distract ourselves... by spending time in our heads worrying, thinking about our to-do lists, putting our attention on the needs of the people around us instead of ourselves, buried in our work, focused on our screens (phone/tv/computer..) etc., etc., etc...

But here's the thing.. this space of Presence (what Ekhart Tolle calls the Now)... is the beginning of everything. This is where you hear the small voice, feel the subtle nudge, that puts and keeps you in alignment on your path.

I would invite you to consider... where do you avoid being Present? Do you constantly distract yourself with to-dos, media, taking care of others? Perhaps you have a Presence practice... meditation, yoga, writing, making art.  If so, wonderful! You might still think about where in your life you avoid Presence... In a relationship? Dealing with money? We all do it in one way or another, so where can you bring more Presence?

Because to have truly joyful and purposeful creation in your life, Presence is key. Not just in your mind, but in your physical body, the receptor for your intuition.

This is why Energy Clearing can be so profoundly helpful… it allows our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to relax and integrate. And wouldn’t that feel good, right now?


So Many Changes, So Much Goodness

For a long time, I never really knew that this ~ life, parenting ~ could feel so good. Now I know that this is actually just the beginning.

And what I really, deeply know (which I’ve known and has only became true through the day in and day out) is this:

If I’m doing ok, my kids are doing ok. The better I am, the better they are.

And yes, having parenting strategies is important. And... I can only really ever implement them when I’m good, really good, like good in the 'best me' way.

This isn't new; you've heard me say it before. And even though I’ve been talking about this for a while, and this is what I’ve focused on with my clients as a Parenting Coach, I've begun diving much deeper into this piece of the journey; the healing of self.

Because that's where my calling lies ~ where it has always been. And I'm now (finally) fully embracing this, which means I can bring so much more to you.

I’m doing this in several ways: with SongMantras (which I've shared with you) and with intuitive energy healing modalities ~ Energy Clearing, Psychic Messaging, and Shamanic Healing. Each of these allows me to assist and guide you in living your life in the most authentic, best feeling way.

I thank you so very much for your presence here. Truly. So much gratitude to you for walking this part of your path with me. If this shift doesn't resonate for you, I invite you to unsubscribe.

However, I do warmly invite you to stay with me on this journey. You can do that by staying right here, where I'll share more about this practice as it blossoms. I will always share about my parenting journey, how I use my work with my children, and how my own growing and deepening translates into their beautiful growth.

Either way, know that I appreciate you. And know that you are not broken. You are beautiful and perfect and learning.

As always, much much love.

In Truth,


Find your peace

I am sooo excited to share this with you!

It starts with a story (and ends with a gift for you :) ... a few months ago, I was driving home from an amazing conference. I was inspired and motivated, and generally feeling good.

While driving, I was thinking about the practices that I use to support myself as a mama, and feeling grateful for them. All of a sudden ~ out of nowhere ~ I started hearing a chant playing in my head (no other word for it, though I've since created one... read on ;) 

It wasn't anything I had heard before. It was startling (and amazing). Then, I heard another chant, and another... I grabbed my phone and started recording, and by the end of the drive, I had 8 chants!

I started using them ~ when I became frustrated with my kids, when I was driving and noticed myself feeling anxious, when I was stressed for any reason ~ I would repeat them to myself. And they worked. Every time. My heart rate slowed, my stress level went down, and I felt more at peace than ever before.

Then, I started sharing them with friends and colleagues, and the response has been overwhelming. People love them. 

Kids love them, too ~ my boys ask me to sing them frequently. A colleague was listening to one when her daughter walked into the room. They listened to it together, and a bit later she heard her daughter singing it to herself in her room (how great is that :)  It was the one I'm gifting to you today ~ 'I Am Peace'.

And so, I decided it was time to start recording and sharing them with you. I'm calling them SongMantras™, and you can either listen to them, or chant them yourself (or chant along while you listen ;)

The first one is ready to go, and is focused on bringing inner peace to your holiday season.

You can listen to it here.

This is really a take-it-with-you tool. Download it onto your phone to listen at any time you need, or simply repeat it to yourself when you could use a breather. 

It's perfect for managing those times when you feel your frustration rising with your kids. And the more you use it, the more profound the results.

I wish you the very best holiday season and entry into the New Year. May it be filled with peace, joy, and love. Truly.


And the good news is...

I've shared so much with you about parenting challenges. I've told my own stories, and those of others (with their permission, of course.)

So, it only seems right to share the great stuff when it happens, too :)

This is one of those times.

Yesterday was parent/teacher conferences at my children's school. I'll start by saying that I LOVE their school. I have done everything I can to keep them in the independent school they've attended for the past 5 years.

I have worked 50-60 hour weeks (much of it at night, so I can be with them after school.) I took on the position of School Board Chair when nobody else wanted it, and held the position for 5 years ~ guiding the struggling (though stellar) school into a thriving learning center, with preschool through middle school students (all so it would stay open, for my kids to attend ;) I insisted on keeping my children there, against the advice of those near and dear to me.

This was the day it all payed off.

Both teachers' reports were glowing.

Gabriel, who struggled with social interactions last year, has been taking the lead in classroom discussions, excelling academically, and deftly navigating the tricky waters between social norms and valuing his own unique inclinations.

Isaac is a classroom mediator and a light of joy and enthusiasm in the school. He is persevering and making leaps in his reading and writing, despite challenges with reversing letters.

Of course, I see positive changes at home as well. But to know they are translating into the school environment is amazing, after the challenges of the past few years.

Even with parenting fail after parenting fail (as well as successes ;) my children are thriving. My deepest intuition knew what they needed to support them through the difficult years of their parents' separation. And it was totally worth it.

The takeaway here is TRUST your intuition. LISTEN to the inner voice that guides your choices, and HONOR what you know is best for your family.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I'm thrilled to have you here.


Here we go again...

Ever feel like motherhood is a position where the job description keeps changing, and you weren't given the proper training? (raises hand)

Seriously ~ even with years of study, training, coaching, and on-the-job experience, I still feel like that more often than I like.

I'm going to keep saying this until it happens... we have to be talking about this, mama!

I was just away for a week ~ the longest I've been gone. My mom watched the boys for some of the time, their dad for some time, and my brother for a bit. Everyone said how awesome and helpful they were (always good to hear, right?) 

So what's the first thing that happened on the day I returned (after flying a redeye all night, ug)?

Total. melt. down.

Not surprising, and honestly I should have been prepared for it. But I was tired and so happy to see them, I thought that would be enough. It wasn't.

My first night back, the boys started wrestling instead of cleaning up after dinner, and didn't listen when I asked for their help several times, so I finally stopped asking. But when they realized they had played well into bedtime and lost the opportunity for dessert (yes, they were given plenty of warning about the time) they lost it, wailing, lashing out, you name it.

With the time for reading books before bed fast running out, they pulled it together and we made it through the night. But alas, the antagonizing re-emerged first thing in the morning and escalated quickly (such a yucky way to start the day, bleah.)

This is where I would coach you to take deep breaths, to use a sensory tool or mindfulness practice of some kind. And I'm happy to say that often, I do. But not this day.

This day, I yelled. Super-tired crazypants mama yelled. And it totally sucked. BUT instead of getting all down on myself, feeling guilty and ashamed afterwards, I apologized.


I apologized. I acknowledged that it was not okay for me to yell, and that I know it's scary for them when I do. I let them know I didn't like what they were doing, but it still wasn't okay for me to act that way.

It happens to us all.

I'll say it again, it happens to us all.

So yes, I have a bunch of different approaches to use when I get upset and triggered. I work super hard to use them. And sometimes, I'm human and I make mistakes.

I made extra sure to give them positive attention for the rest of the day ~ because in the end all they really want is my attention, and they'll get it one way or another :)

It's a good thing to talk about this stuff. We need to know we're not alone. And you're always welcome to shoot me an email to share your story, I'm happy to be witness for you. No judgment here.