what is true


I was recently touched by an email from a friend, who is offering an awesome program that helps moms create time to attend to ourselves and our priorities (a subject which you know is dear to my heart).   She reached out to her community in such an honest way, authentically sharing the lessons she is currently learning from her business.

Her message inspired me to reflect more deeply on what I have been pushing through, to ‘keep it all together.’

Full disclosure… there are days when I feel a little.bit.nutty. with the fullness of the life I’m creating.  I absolutely love it, and mostly I am filled with enthusiasm and gratitude. 

But, sometimes it just feels like I’m not doing anything well, I’m overwhelmed, and what the heck was I thinking?   Here I am, a business owner, single parent household, homeowner, engaged in my community, mama.  Any one of these things is a full time gig!

Here’s the thing: I love my work.  I am passionate about my volunteer commitments.  I thrive on learning.  I enjoy my garden.  I am renewed by spending time in nature.  I love to practice yoga. I enjoy a clean house.  I am committed to providing nourishing meals for my family.

And, my children are my top-of-the-list, #1 priority.  So, to be the mom I want to be, I need to look at the list above with an entirely new perspective…  What is necessary in order to be a present and intentional parent?

It’s time to get real about my priorities and stop trying to stuff in all the things I wish I could do.

Here’s my list:

Time with my children ~ non-negotiable, building relationships for life
Yoga ~ grounds me, which is important in every part of my life
Work ~  feeds my soul (and also my children, literally)
Learning ~ keeps me expanding to be my best self
Cooking ~ nourishing food keeps us all healthy and sane (smile)

Don’t get me wrong – all of the other things are important to me.  But getting clear on what’s at the top makes it a lot easier to make choices in the moment, which lessens my stress, which makes it easier to be present with my children, which is at the top of my list!

Reflecting on this, what is true for me, has been super helpful.  It has allowed me to remind myself, this too shall pass; I’m focusing on the priorities.  Breathe.

And wow, in doing this, how awesome it is to remember #1 on my list and feel just perfect in spending the morning playing with trains on the floor with my boys.

How can you simplify to bring your priorities to the fore?  What’s on your list?