visiting the (grand)parents


I'm preparing for a trip, going to visit my parents for the long weekend.  We have a lot to celebrate.. a big anniversary and lots of milestone birthdays.  It will be a weekend to remember.

And, it will have its challenges.

I love my parents dearly and we have a close relationship.  Even so, I can get triggered when I visit with them in my childhood home.  If not well managed, it inevitably trickles down to my parenting...

Ever have this experience?

You go with the best intentions, but it's a lot to meet; the triggers of your childhood intersecting with those of your parenthood.

Here's a tidbit that I plan to use this weekend.  It may sound deceptively simple, but don't underestimate it's power...

When going into a situation that you know may hold challenges, make an agreement with yourself beforehand to take frequent breaks.

Take breaks to check in with yourself, to remind yourself of who you are now (rather than when you were living at home).  Take breaks to remind yourself of how much you love your children.  Take breaks to feel appreciation and gratitude for your parents, whatever your relationship.  Take breaks to move toward forgiveness. 

And, to take it one step further, take a break any time you feel your temperature rising.  Go into another room, even for 60 seconds, and bring yourself back to center. Believe me, this will support you all.

If this hits close to home and you're ready to really move past those triggers, check out this special offer.

Do you have an approach you use, to manage potentially challenging visits?  Share below and inspire us!