Do you resist being Present?

We have an epidemic in our Western culture... most of us, most of the time, are not Present.

Why does this matter so much to me? 

Because I believe we live more fulfilling lives when we listen to our intuition. And, when our intuition speaks to us, it's not loud. It's very, very quiet. So we must be Present to notice it.

How many times have you had the experience of saying to yourself after the fact: "I knew I should have/shouldn't have... (insert decision here)"?

Maybe you had the urge to turn left but instead turned right at an intersection and ended up in a traffic jam. Maybe you thought about running back inside when you left home, but didn't, finding when you arrived at your destination that you forgot something important. Whatever the circumstance, you did know... you had an intuition that you ignored, because it wasn't very loud, and when we're not truly Present it's easy to ignore. 

We resist being Present for all sorts of reasons, but generally, all the reasons distill down into one: it's just not comfortable. In fact, for some, it's downright painful. Because we carry pain and trauma in our bodies from a lifetime of experience, it's often a place we don't want to be.

And so, instead of allowing ourselves to feel what it's like to be Present in our bodies, we distract ourselves... by spending time in our heads worrying, thinking about our to-do lists, putting our attention on the needs of the people around us instead of ourselves, buried in our work, focused on our screens (phone/tv/computer..) etc., etc., etc...

But here's the thing.. this space of Presence (what Ekhart Tolle calls the Now)... is the beginning of everything. This is where you hear the small voice, feel the subtle nudge, that puts and keeps you in alignment on your path.

I would invite you to consider... where do you avoid being Present? Do you constantly distract yourself with to-dos, media, taking care of others? Perhaps you have a Presence practice... meditation, yoga, writing, making art.  If so, wonderful! You might still think about where in your life you avoid Presence... In a relationship? Dealing with money? We all do it in one way or another, so where can you bring more Presence?

Because to have truly joyful and purposeful creation in your life, Presence is key. Not just in your mind, but in your physical body, the receptor for your intuition.

This is why Energy Clearing can be so profoundly helpful… it allows our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to relax and integrate. And wouldn’t that feel good, right now?