And the good news is...

I've shared so much with you about parenting challenges. I've told my own stories, and those of others (with their permission, of course.)

So, it only seems right to share the great stuff when it happens, too :)

This is one of those times.

Yesterday was parent/teacher conferences at my children's school. I'll start by saying that I LOVE their school. I have done everything I can to keep them in the independent school they've attended for the past 5 years.

I have worked 50-60 hour weeks (much of it at night, so I can be with them after school.) I took on the position of School Board Chair when nobody else wanted it, and held the position for 5 years ~ guiding the struggling (though stellar) school into a thriving learning center, with preschool through middle school students (all so it would stay open, for my kids to attend ;) I insisted on keeping my children there, against the advice of those near and dear to me.

This was the day it all payed off.

Both teachers' reports were glowing.

Gabriel, who struggled with social interactions last year, has been taking the lead in classroom discussions, excelling academically, and deftly navigating the tricky waters between social norms and valuing his own unique inclinations.

Isaac is a classroom mediator and a light of joy and enthusiasm in the school. He is persevering and making leaps in his reading and writing, despite challenges with reversing letters.

Of course, I see positive changes at home as well. But to know they are translating into the school environment is amazing, after the challenges of the past few years.

Even with parenting fail after parenting fail (as well as successes ;) my children are thriving. My deepest intuition knew what they needed to support them through the difficult years of their parents' separation. And it was totally worth it.

The takeaway here is TRUST your intuition. LISTEN to the inner voice that guides your choices, and HONOR what you know is best for your family.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I'm thrilled to have you here.