Are you tuned in to Gratitude?

How are things feeling for you right now?

I've heard from so many people who are feeling unsettled, overwhelmed by information coming from all angles, having difficulty focusing on their work and their families, and finding themselves unexpectedly awash in emotions at unpredictable times.

And all of this as we head into our first holiday of the season this week.

Many of us will be gathering with extended family, some of whom may have differing opinions about the political landscape, or may come with their own anxiety that connects with and heightens our own.

It's going to be super helpful to stay grounded, present, and focused on the true Spirit of the holiday this week.. Gratitude.

BUT HOW? You might ask.

As I shared recently, there are some simple grounding practices you can do. (If you didn't see it or would like a reminder, click here.)

And, to support you in releasing some of that stress and anxiety, I highly recommend the Holiday Clearing Series.

Clearing is like a deep sigh when your body is holding stress and tension. It makes a palpable difference in the way you feel, and so in the way you interact with the information and people around you.

Take a peek at the Holiday Clearing Series, see what people are saying about it. (One client recently said "I could feel it so much when you cleared for the group on Facebook, I want more!")

I am wishing you and yours a Thanksgiving filled with Love and Gratitude.

In Light,