Burn Bright Into the New Year!

Today is the last day of an intense year ~ This calls for Celebration!

And, we're welcoming in what promises to be a dynamic, wish-fulfilling year in 2016! Woot!

To make the most of the letting go and letting in, here's a simple ceremony you can hold tonight...

Grab a paper and pen, matches (have something to burn the paper in safely, please :)) Find yourself a quiet space and hold the intention of leaving behind what doesn't serve you, and stepping with purpose into your most aligned Truth.

Next, make a list of the things you're ready to release and leave behind with 2015. This can be anything in your experience ~ physical, emotional, whatever. Read it out loud and state your intention to let go of these things. Feel them leaving you. Burn the paper.

Then, make a list of the Truths you are calling in this year. Small or big, doesn't matter. Again, read this list out loud, stating your intention to receive these things. Sit for a minute, feeling gratitude for receiving them. Burn this paper.

You are complete! Go and Celebrate the New Year of Clarity and Truth!