out of the closet...

You've heard me tell my story (and if for some reason you haven't, you can read it here.)

Every day, in some way, I am reminded how challenging parenting really is. Sometimes it's through my own experience, sometimes it's in listening to others.

Yesterday the awareness came again, not from my own kids, but in talking with friends.  

Parenting is freakin' hard.

Everyone feels it, and we just need to bring that truth out of the closet.  (Here's an amazing Tedx talk about what it's like to live in any closet.)

For a long time, my closet ~ the thing I could not talk about ~ was how hard parenting was for me.  I looked successful in the 'right' ways and my kids seemed  to be doing well.  But I was nearly paralyzed by how difficult it was to hold everything together.  And I felt totally ashamed of how hard it was for me.  I didn't dare to tell anyone, even the parenting coach I was working with (crazy, right?!)

Today, I know that I was never alone, that so many moms feel like this.  And it's become my mission to bring the truth out of the closet and make it normal, so we can deal with it in the daylight, with community and support!

It's okay that parenting is hard.  The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

The hard is an opportunity.  It's a chance to be honest and authentic, and to choose your path.

You can fly by on autopilot. Or, you can step into intention. 

What are you choosing this year?