practice, dance, journey...


I was recently talking to a mom about my mission to support mothers in becoming calm and confident when parenting.

"Really?" she asked, "does that happen?"

Ha! (I had to laugh.)

If you've been following me for any length of time, you've heard me say that parenting is HARD. Our children are constantly pushing our triggers, and we are constantly facing our greatest lessons, usually when we least want to learn them ;)

My answer to her question was (and is) "yes, it does happen". AND, it's a practice, a dance, a constant growth trajectory. And this is what I coach with clients ~ how to walk the path calmly and with confidence.

Thing is, every family is unique. This is not a one-size-fits-all, family of four smiling as they walk in the park, kind of thing. That 'perfect' family?... in about 4 seconds, the little boy is going to whack his sister, or the baby is going to start crying, or the mother is going to start worrying about how much time she'll have to cook dinner when they get home. There's no perfect, and there's no 'there' to get to.

Parenting is a practice, calling us to be present now... and now... and now... (one that requires deep breathing ;))

It's a dance, between our deepest needs and the needs of our children.  

It's a journey of growth, if we allow it to be.

So today, right now, ask yourself: what do I need that I'm not getting, and how does this impact my parenting? Because I guarantee you, it does.

If you'd like some accountability around this, just
leave a comment below and let me know where your being needs attention ~ public accountability is awesome for creating change :)