So Many Changes, So Much Goodness

For a long time, I never really knew that this ~ life, parenting ~ could feel so good. Now I know that this is actually just the beginning.

And what I really, deeply know (which I’ve known and has only became true through the day in and day out) is this:

If I’m doing ok, my kids are doing ok. The better I am, the better they are.

And yes, having parenting strategies is important. And... I can only really ever implement them when I’m good, really good, like good in the 'best me' way.

This isn't new; you've heard me say it before. And even though I’ve been talking about this for a while, and this is what I’ve focused on with my clients as a Parenting Coach, I've begun diving much deeper into this piece of the journey; the healing of self.

Because that's where my calling lies ~ where it has always been. And I'm now (finally) fully embracing this, which means I can bring so much more to you.

I’m doing this in several ways: with SongMantras (which I've shared with you) and with intuitive energy healing modalities ~ Energy Clearing, Psychic Messaging, and Shamanic Healing. Each of these allows me to assist and guide you in living your life in the most authentic, best feeling way.

I thank you so very much for your presence here. Truly. So much gratitude to you for walking this part of your path with me. If this shift doesn't resonate for you, I invite you to unsubscribe.

However, I do warmly invite you to stay with me on this journey. You can do that by staying right here, where I'll share more about this practice as it blossoms. I will always share about my parenting journey, how I use my work with my children, and how my own growing and deepening translates into their beautiful growth.

Either way, know that I appreciate you. And know that you are not broken. You are beautiful and perfect and learning.

As always, much much love.

In Truth,