I wonder....


Who are you NOT Be-ing?
Who are you that you're not expressing?

What risks are you not taking, that would generate an even greater feeling of aliveness?
In what ways are you not challenging yourself?

What feelings are you tolerating? Which do yearn for?
What behaviors are you accepting, in yourself and in others?

What might you do, to become the greatest version of yourself?
Are you willing to do it?
Not just in your brain, but in your heart and ALSO in your body?

Which habits don't serve?
And which, if shifted, would have the greatest positive impact?

What's one thing you can to today..

What can you release?
How much can you delete and unsubscribe?
What is ready to be given away?
What can simply evaporate, in the best way?

Who can you love?
Your cat? Grandmother? Child? Oprah? Your dear friend? The Dalai Lama? Yourself?

How open can you be?
What benefits might balance the potential danger?

What brings you fulfillment?
When are you most content?
How would it be to feel that all the time?

How would it feel to Be that all the time?