You'll never believe what I did to myself..

It's been such an eventful autumn! And wow, do I have some stories - and messages that have come with them - to share with you.  

I'll start with a BIG one... something unexpected that came with many lessons. Of course, it started out like a regular day; a really good one, in fact...

I was making lasagna on a Monday evening... Gabriel was doing his homework at the kitchen table with Isaac reading over his shoulder. As I put the noodles in the pot of boiling water, I had a flash ~ you don't really have to boil the noodles first, they'll cook in the lasagna ~ ah well, they were in the water already... (Lesson 1, listen to the nudges... not a new lesson, but one that always bears repeating.)

Five minutes later it was time to drain the noodles. I picked up the pot of boiling water with both hands, talking with Gabriel about his current events homework as I carried the pot to the sink. Suddenly, my left hand slipped from the handle and boiling water spilled down my right arm...

I dropped the pot...
Boiling water spilled all over the floor...
It happened in slow motion....

As soon as the water hit my arm, three things happened:

First, I left my body. I was so stunned by what had happened, and the pain was so intense, that my spirit managed the shock by moving away from the pain of my body.

Next, my instincts kicked in... I knew my kids were safe (thank goodness they were on the other side of the room when it happened) so I could focus on caring for my own body.

Finally (or maybe first, in the order of things) my guides and angels lined up to support me. This is how I know:

As I called for my kids to help, they immediately moved into action. Isaac drew an ice cold bath, Gabriel started calling my friends to find a ride to the ER. My dad, a doctor, was available by phone to guide us through taking steps to care for the early stages of the burn. A friend arrived to take me to the ER. My brother came to stay with my kids, feed them, and put them to bed. The support I needed arrived with ease.

The ER experience is a story in itself, but there's one vital piece that I'll share here... My friend wasn't able to stay with me, and as I sat there alone, I moved between two states of being: knowing clearly and without question that I was fine and all would be well; and feeling overwhelmed, upset, alone, and (at times) hysterical.

My conscious mind (you might call it ego) needed to point to something that was wrong... the length of time I was waiting, the fact that I was alone, that I didn't know exactly how I'd get home, that my phone was at 20% battery and I didn't have a charger... but in my core, I knew everything was and would be fine. (Lesson 2, don't always listen to what your mind tells you.)

When I returned home my kids were asleep and my brother and I talked for a while. During our conversation he said to me: "you do realize it's fire water that burned you?"

Light bulb moment.

Fire is transformation.
Water is re-birth.

Because of that realization I was able to re-frame the experience as a gift, rather than a trial. And this has since proved to be true. (Lesson 3, look for the gift.)

My arm is nearly healed and I'll have no scarring. But my perspective and my work have been transformed... I look forward to sharing more with you about this over the next weeks and months, as I tell stories about how energy plays out in life and unfold new ways I can support you and your energy... so excited!