Watch your child’s anxiety melt away…

Anxiety can be a quiet, sneaky thing… no loud tantrums or obvious disruptors, just there under the surface making everything feel harder .
Or, it can be loud: refusal to go to school, breakdown before a test, inability to sleep.


Eight-year-old Alex (not his real name) was struggling with school. His anxiety was triggered by the high energy of the kids around him and often he just didn’t want to go. When he did go to school, he had difficulty focusing with all the activity around him. At home after school he would break down into tears or tantrums. His parents were at a loss; they just didn’t know how to help him.

After our first session, Alex experienced immediate relief from his anxiety. Within the first few weeks of our work together, Alex’s teacher noticed a change in his ability to focus in school. Adding practices I suggested, the meltdowns at home reduced and eventually vanished. Over time, Alex’s overwhelming anxiety disappeared.


You want your kids to be successful and to enjoy their lives.

Success means different things to different people, but we all hope the best for our kids.
In school, in relationships, in life.

As a parent, you do what you can to create an environment that supports their success…
You read parenting books, and maybe take a parenting class or work with a coach.
You provide healthy food to nourish their bodies.
You set boundaries and expectations.
You seek resources from doctors, tutors, and other professionals.

You do your best to be the best parent you can be.
Sometimes, you simply need more than another parenting technique.

My work is different. It helps to re-balance the body’s energy system.

What - you might ask - is the energy system?

Just as the body has a circulatory system and digestive system, it has an energy system. Eastern medicine (like acupuncture) has been working with it for thousands of years. And like the body’s other systems, the energy system can accumulate blockages if not cared for.

Just as blockages in the circulatory and digestive systems have physical consequences ranging from reflux to heart attack, build-up in the energy system results in emotional and behavioral symptoms (though it can also lead to physical issues over time.)

I help the body release blockages in the energy system so it can come back into balance.


Anna (not her real name), age 17, was falling behind in school. She was overwhelmed by the volume of work and stressed about figuring out how to get it all done. When we began our work together, she had some significant deadlines looming in order to stay on track for her graduation from high school. During our time working together, she was able to focus and complete the necessary work. A month later, she learned that she had been accepted to the college of her choice!


How does it work?

The process I use releases excess and aggravating energy that may have settled into your child's energy system.
Done regularly, it allows for higher levels of functioning overall.

Your child begins to receive energetic support as soon as you sign up, and continually for the duration of our time working together.
In addition, I'm available for email consultation and energetic support from beginning to end.

All sessions are remote!

No need to schlep to another appointment, and I can help wherever you are in the world!

We start with a phone consultation to assess whether this service is a good fit for your child.

There’s no fee for the initial call.

On the call, we’ll discuss your specific situation. In some cases, I’ll have suggestions for you to implement right away.
Then we’ll schedule the sessions and get started!

Anxiety often manifests in one of two ways… Situational (before a test or significant event) or Chronic.

The services below reflect these different needs.
The first addresses situational anxiety, and is helpful in the short term. The second addresses more ongoing anxiety, and will make a deeper impact.

Calming for situational anxiety:
4 weeks, to release energetic buildup


Balancing for chronic anxiety:
12 weeks, to lock in new energetic patterns


*(please note: everyone’s energetic system is different. For some, the above suggested series may be enough; others may benefit from more.)

All feels a bit too “woo-woo”?

I totally get it. There’s a lot of stuff out there that seems, well, “out there”. However, this process is based in known systems: the 5-element system of energy used for thousands of years by acupuncturists; and science ~ more specifically, quantum physics.

Still skeptical? No problem! I’ve had plenty of clients who started out skeptics and ended up thrilled with their results. Luckily, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work… just sit back and enjoy the benefits ;)

Concerned about the cost?

What would the benefits be to your child (and you!) to directly address their anxiety? Perhaps you’ve considered (or are using) medication to help. Perhaps you’ve tried (or are using) talk therapy. Perhaps you’ve worked with other methods as well. All come with a cost.

This energy work has an effect immediately. Over time, it creates powerful changes in the energy system of the body which, if maintained, will support your child into the future. It works alongside all traditional (and non-traditional) therapies, and can only enhance the benefits of these methods. And, you basically have me on call to support your child for the duration of the time we’re working together.

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t take it from me… here’s what past clients have to say:

Our eight year old son was holding many worries that would keep him from enjoying each day and would sometimes wake him up at night. We reached out to Natanya Lara for help. She was able to work with our son in ways that we could not, to help him find ways to clear his energy, protect his abilities and nurture his sensitivities. He can now easily identify his worries and he has strategies that he can use to help them vanish as quickly as they come.
— Heather and Andrew, parents

My daughter struggles with how to focus and has severe test anxiety. In the first quarter of her senior year in high school she had a huge workload. The grades for the semester were important for her college transcripts, but she was barely passing 2 classes. She was far behind, trying to make up assignments and completely overwhelmed. It seemed like she was drowning in it all. This is when I reached out to Natanya.

While working with Natanya she gained momentum in her work and was able to catch up on all her assignments, ending the semester strong. After the semester ended, she received the news that she had been accepted into her first choice college! I don’t understand how Natanya does what she does, but I’ve seen the evidence that it works.
— Molly, grateful mom

I couldn’t sum up into just a few words just how incredible working with Natanya has been. Tools beyond my toolbox. I’m so grateful to have entrusted her to work with my son. Hands down a miracle and a blessing all in one.
— Melissa Rae Toro, parenting coach at