Feeling Stuck?

Ready to Break through some Major Blocks?

Energy Clearing is POWERFUL stuff.

Clearing 'un-kinks' and clears out energy blocks, allowing what is needed to arise.  If you're on the edge of something... this will tip the scales!

Now, that said, Energy Clearing is done with the intention to simply allow what is not needed to release... no specific goal in mind, other than opening space for you to receive your highest good.

I really want to tell you that it feels like this huge energy lifted off — yes, cleared — and I feel back to a self I understand and recognize again, but now with the recognition that I am really susceptible to energies in a **big way** — such that i can actually live a whole different way. I feel refreshed, but grounded in a way that feels also free. I am me! I can make choices that matter to me and live my life accordingly! It is all coming together.
— Dana Boyd

Ready to release whatever is blocking your forward motion?

You don't even need to do anything, other than allow the clearing to happen.

We'll meet for your session either in person or virtually. After the session we'll stay in touch to be sure the energy is clearing smoothly. Energetic adjustments are included for a follow-up period of one week.

The investment for this service is $100/session.


Working with Natanya created a real, tangible shift in my world. And I’m delighted!

I had an Energy Clearing with Natanya at a time when I was feeling challenged by a big business collaboration in my life. I felt frustrated and was beginning to shut down in my communication with my partners. Natanya took great care in listening to the situation; simply voicing it with her was a helpful step. After the Clearing was done, she took equal care in following up with me in a way that helped to integrate the outcome of the session. Since our work together, I have experienced a real shift in my communication within the collaborative partnership. Working with Natanya was a pleasure and I can highly recommend it!
— Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist