Get ready for a wild ride!

The August eclipses are coming!
With a lunar eclipse on August 7 and total solar eclipse on Agust 21, the energy during and between these events will be particularly intense.

For those of us in the U.S. the energy will be close to home, as this is the first total solar eclipse to happen directly over the U.S. since 1979!
I'm not an astrologer. But I understand from those I trust that this solar eclipse heralds a new beginning. And so, the time leading up to this eclipse is an excellent time to release what we no longer wish to experience in our lives, so we don't drag it into our next phase of development.

To support you in this, I'm offering two group energy Clearing sessions during the month of August: August 5,  just before the lunar eclipse, and August 20, the day before the solar eclipse.

Each group healing session is just $30!  ($50 when you preregister for both)

The session on August 5th will have a component of preparation and release in advance of the eclipses. We'll be doing a ceremony of release, in addition to energy Clearing. (Nothing special needed; I'll provide the materials!)

Session 1: August 5, 10am - 11:30 am

The session on August 20 will assist in Clearing whatever may have come up as a result of the eclipse energy, in preparation for the solar eclipse the next day.

Session 2: August 20, 10am - 11:30 am

Both sessions will primarily be focused on Clearing your energy, to assist you during this intense time of activation.

I can promise that you will leave feeling more relaxed than when you arrived.
Each group healing session is just $30!  ($50 when you preregister for both)

Where: Shelburne (details sent on registration)

Suggestions for the day of the workshop:
~Bring a water bottle
~ Wear comfortable clothing
~ Look forward to a relaxed atmosphere
~ Bring an open mind and a willingness to experience change

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Questions? Feel free to contact me at natanya@