Since my Fire&Water session with Natanya, things have been a bit of a whirlwind. But somehow, even with feeling whirlwindy, I am ok! I feel more closely aligned to hearing messages from my guides which is tons of fun. I’ve also started working out at the gym again and my torso is responding well to my crunches; it feels like much of the jagged edges that were there have healed. The core of me feels really right!
— Cydney Mar

Sometimes we need to go deep into the shadow to transform it into light.

That's what this healing process is all about.

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer, I will be your guide. Together, you and I will delve into the depths, clear the aspects that are not supporting your growth, and create a space to invite and allow positive transformation.

How will we know where to go?
Your inner intelligence knows, and it's my gift to assist you in discovering it.

How can this help you?
If you're feeling stuck or 'snagged' by anything in your life... you're tired of dragging, done with reliving the same patterns over and over again, ready to move up and out into what you know is possible in your life.

Let me tell you a story...

Ten years ago, I was sitting in my therapist's office, feeling completely trapped by my life, with no concept of how to change it. I could nearly touch and taste my belief that there was more to life than my work and family life, which felt completely draining. I so desperately wanted to connect with the magic I knew was everywhere, but couldn't feel. Desperation is the only word to describe it.

This feeling was the first cue. And, in fact, the first step.

Four years later, I had my first experience with Energy Healing.
I made a huge investment in a remote VIP session with a healer I was drawn to with such force I had no choice but to listen to my guidance. And thank goodness I did! That session resolved an Energetic drain I didn't know I had. For good. It has never returned.

And so, when I began my own practice of Energy Work shortly thereafter, this was the kind of result I wanted for my clients.

That's what this process does.

It has taken time and expertise for this work to evolve. But when I was ready it arrived in an instant, as a result of a traumatic experience. And the results have been stunning.

  • A client who has held her anxiety in her chest since childhood no longer feels what she described as a "brick" of weight there.
  • A woman with chronic hip joint pain has felt none since our sessions.
  • A mom with depression and other wellness concerns was recommended by her therapist to continue her work with me (while also working with her therapist) after the shifts she experienced.

The Fire&Water process can help to release and resolve issues including, but not limited to:

  • low energy
  • feeling anxious
  • chronic overwhelm
  • physical pain as a manifestation of emotion
  • stuck emotions you can't seem to release
  • difficulty connecting with your guides
  • holding energy from past lives
  • and more...

This is an extremely personalized service.

Depending on your individual situation, two or more sessions may be advised.

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