Is your child highly sensitive?

Does she struggle with anxiety?

Does he become easily dysregulated?

Our children are sensitive beings, intensely attuned to the energy around them. And, if they don't know how to manage that energy, it can be scary for them and seem to us that something is really wrong.

Gentle energy clearing can be just the thing to ease your child into greater balance.

Often, energetic support goes a very long way in helping our children feel more comfortable in the world, and improving family dynamics.

Our eight year old son was holding many worries, that would keep him from enjoying each day and would sometimes wake him up at night.

We reached out to Natanya for help. She was able to work with our son in ways that we could not. He can now easily identify his worries and has strategies to help them vanish as quickly as they come.

Since working with Natanya we have seen our son blossom in so many ways. He can move gracefully and easily move through each day. His teacher even noticed differences in his ability to focus and refocus in his daily work at school.

We would recommend Natanya to all who think that energy work would enhance their child’s experience. Our son’s path is clearer and he feels more confident because of Natanya’s support. Thank you.
— Heather, mom to Eli

We begin by connecting....

Before anything else, we'll talk via phone or Skype (or in person, if you're local) to assess if Energy Clearing seems like a good fit for your child. There is no fee for this initial call; it's a way for us both to determine whether to proceed.

If we decide it's a good fit, we'll create a plan that's right for your child and your family. Once Clearing begins, I'm available for email consultation and energetic support throughout the series.


Our son was about to turn 2 when he had his first energy clearings with Natanya. We had been dealing with tantrums that seemed to come out of nowhere and were growing worse for almost a year, and we were at a loss for what to do. Also during that year, our son’s eczema became out of control and no doctor or anything else we tried (ointments, diet, naturopaths) could get rid of it. It almost seemed like his emotions and his eczema had grown worse together, and the two seemed related.

After 2 or 3 mini clearings with Natanya, our son’s emotional responses began to regulate- he had fits that seemed more appropriate for a 2 year old, but the out of control reactions to nothing at all subsided. And, amazingly, his skin cleared up. It was the first time in a year that he experienced complete relief from his rash.

In addition to the energy clearings, Natanya has provided us with invaluable guidance and advice as parents, partners, and individuals. Her gentle, non-invasive approach has been so easy and comfortable to work with.
— Shenal & Bobby

Choose your level of support:

When we speak, I'll make a recommendation based on our conversation. The basic options are:

Calming:  12 mini-clearings over 4 weeks, to help keep energy clear and flowing

Investment ~ Calming: $400

Balancing: 8 mini-clearings over 4 weeks, for regular releasing of energetic overwhelm

Investment ~ Balancing: $275

Integrating: 4 mini-clearings over 4 weeks, to smooth the path

Investment ~ Integrating: $150


Since your clearing, things are smoother! She has been more calm and settled and happier!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Grateful Mom

How does it work?

Mini clearings will release the excess and aggravating energy that has settled into your child's system, to allow for better flow ~ done regularly, it allows for higher levels of functioning overall.

12 session package (Calming), clearings will occur 3x weekly
8 session package (Balancing), clearings will occur 2x weekly
4 session package (Integrating) clearings will occur 1x weekly

For all services, your child begins to receive energetic support as soon as you sign up, and continually for 4 weeks.

All sessions are remote.


After the clearing, E fell asleep on her own last night. She did not wake me up either during the night. She seems to be in good spirits today!
— Concerned Mom