Imagine your child being more flexible, calm, engaged and comfortable in their own skin

Does your kiddo have wild emotional swings?

Is he sensitive? Does she have frustrated outbursts?

Are you ready to try something new to help relieve their stress or anxiety?

Energy Clearing is a powerful way to handle all of this!



If your child spends a lot of time in fight, flight, or freeze...

They have chemicals and hormones chronically flooding their system, causing emotional and energetic chaos.

Over time, their bodies get used to the constant release of these chemicals.
This creates habitual patterns of negative feelings and challenging behavior.

Energy Clearing gently and powerfully begins to unwind energetic patterns in your child's system.

The result is a more comfortable, engaged, flexible, calm, happy kid!

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Since working with Natanya we have seen our son blossom in so many ways. He can move gracefully and easily through each day. His teacher even noticed differences in his ability to focus and refocus in his daily work at school.
                                                                       ~ Heather, mom to Eli


When I talk to kids about their energy, I tell them they have super-powers.

It's true! We all do...
Our emotions and intuition provide so much information, we often just don't know what they're saying or what to do with it. 

Think about any superhero origin movie...

When the hero (or heroine) first discovers their powers, they have NO idea how to manage them, wreaking havoc before figuring out how to use them for good.

Imagine your kid is that superhero.

They have SO much energy moving through their body and mind, and NO idea how to manage it.

(I do teach this, and have found that it can help to release some of that excess energy first, before they can learn how to manage it.)

This is where Energy Clearing comes in...

releasing energy, reducing anxiety, calming stress, and providing much-needed relief.


Over six weeks...

Your child will receive ongoing Energetic support, which can lead to:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater emotional ease
  • Calmer energy
  • Better focus
  • Less struggle
  • Increased engagement

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“Our son has been doing well, lots of improvement at school and at home. He’s doing beautifully with managing his impulsively with taking deep breaths! I truly appreciate your warmth and gentleness in helping ease some of his stress. Thank you so much for your care of our sweet boy!”
                                                               ~ K. J., relieved mom

How does it work?


We all have energy moving through our bodies all the time.

We mostly notice it in how we feel - emotions indicate of the state of our energy.
And, if we pay attention, we'll notice that we have emotional habits.. we get stuck in patterns of how we think and feel.

Unfortunately, as humans we tend toward creating negative habits of thinking and feeling.

The same is true for our kids.

Energy clearing gently shifts habitual energetic and emotional patterns, creating space for new ways of thinking and feeling.

Group Energy Clearing is a great way to get started!


This is going to be soooo awesome!


For six weeks...

  • Your child will receive remote energy clearing
  • No need to drive anywhere, or be on time for anything!
  • I'll share simple practices that you can use at home to support the shifts created by Clearing.



In addition to energetically supporting your child, I'll be there for you too...

  • You'll receive a guided meditation to support you energetically
  • You'll have direct access to me for the duration of the program in our private Facebook Group

I'll be in the group daily..

  • Offering encouragement
  • Facilitating discussions
  • Answering your questions
  • Holding the space for you to explore what you notice during the process
  • Providing information and resources about your own energy ~ in essence, you'll be receiving energetic coaching as well!

The details:

  • Clearings twice weekly for six weeks ~ a total of 12 Clearings!
  • Clearing will occur Fridays and Tuesdays at 7pm EST (you don't need to do anything special at these times!)
  • Access to private Facebook group for the duration of the program
  • Suggested home practices
  • Links to resources (books, videos, and additional goodies to inspire you)
  • Access to my years of knowledge and experience

All this for $97!
(Normally, group clearing sessions are $30 each, so 12 clearings = a value of $360)

Clearing is a simple way to create a real, tangible shift for your child.
Group Clearing is the perfect way to try it if you haven't before!

Join us for an amazing 6-week journey!


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After the clearing, E fell asleep on her own last night. She did not wake me up either during the night. She seems to be in good spirits today!
— Elena M.
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Natanya Lara is compassion wrapped in practical wisdom. Working with Natanya is an investment in your family and a true gift to yourself.
— Arianna Pritchett


Q: I don't quite understand what Clearing is?

A: Understandable.. it can take some time to wrap your head around the idea. Here's a brief explanation: just as we have a digestive system or circulatory system, we also have an energetic system. And, just as our body creates build-up in those other systems, it also does in our energetic system. The results of build-up in our digestive system or circulatory system can lead to uncomfortable (or even life-threatening) outcomes. The results of build-up in our energetic system seem more benign, only because we often think of them as an inevitable part of life.. anxiety, lethargy, hyperactivity, stress, depression, inability to focus, apathy... the list goes on. Clearing releases the energetic build-up, so we can function at our best!


Q: Why so many Clearing sessions?

A: Imagine the energetic build-up as layers of paint.. if you're removing the paint, you'll need to remove one layer at a time. Once you've removed the first layer, you can then remove the second, and so on.. the same with Clearing. By Clearing consistently, we'll be releasing energy that's more deeply stuck in the energetic system.


Q: What's the difference between group Clearing and individual Clearing?

A: The same total amount of energy is cleared during a session, whether for a group or an individual. And so more energy is cleared in one person during an individual clearing than a group clearing. However, as explained above, clearing is also cumulative... the more sessions, the more energy is cleared. This is why the program is structured with clearings twice weekly.


Q: Does my child need to be sleeping or resting during the sessions?
A: Nope! It doesn't matter what they're doing, the clearing will be effective!


Q: Will I need to do anything special for my child during the program?

A: It's always a good idea to be sure they're drinking plenty of water over the time we're working together. Even though you can't see it, moving energy is work for the body! And, a large percentage of the body is water, so making sure it's properly hydrated helps to keep the energy moving easily, which is what we want when it's clearing out of the system. During the program I'll share other things you can do to support the energy shifts, but there isn't anything you will need to do.


Q: How does Energy Clearing work? And why does it work remotely - when we're not in the same room?

A: The Big Question! The answer has to do with quantum physics, and is longer than I can give here. Basically, each person has an energetic imprint. I can feel that imprint, and clear for the energy system, whether we're in the same room or on opposite sides of the earth. The important thing is that it works! You can read more testimonials here.


More questions? Feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer them!

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Natanya Lara is an Energy Practitioner supporting both kids and adults to calm their minds and release stress and anxiety. She is certified in several Energy modalities, as well as being a certified Parenting Coach. Natanya envisions a world in which each person understands their own energy and emotions, and takes responsibility for how they show up and effect those around them. It is her belief that by teaching these skills to children, we take one step closer to that reality.