Are You Ready?

Step Into the Fullest, Most Aligned Version of Yourself

Healer-on-Call creates a container of energetic support for you over 6-12 weeks, allowing the time and space for major shifts to occur!

Move from completely stymied and stuck, to energized and focused on your goals and soul purpose...

The time we spend together allows for you to relax into the space of healing, release what is not needed, and claim what is Yours!

you couldn’t have come into my life at a more opportune time. This feels like a brilliant transition for me. Clearing out the old, removing baggage (especially everyone else’s that I’d collected along the way in my role of service provider) and clearing the way for new beginnings and stepping into my identity. I actually feel like I Will be able to do it, free from the past and the weight I carried. I can’t thank you enough. OMG, this is amazing. You gave me my life back.
— Lisa Hawkins

Ready to release whatever is blocking your forward motion?

Healer-on-Call Includes:

  • Healing sessions (combo of Shamanic Healing & Full Energy Clearing as the guides advise ;))
  • A full report after each session of everything that went on, including any messages your guides have for you.
  • Energy adjustments between sessions as needed to keep the energy (and shifts) moving. Seriously major shifts can occur here.
  • Energetic coaching custom fit to you, to identify practices that will support you energetically long after our work together.
  • Intake and Outtake conversation in person or via Skype or phone, with email communication throughout to assess your energy.

Two levels of support:

6 weeks of complete energetic support for $600

12 weeks of complete energetic support for $1200


Natanya, you are amazing and such a special soul. Your gift is true, authentic and healing. I thank you sweet soul for highlighting and witnessing my journey.
— Maria Davis