Are you experiencing anxiety, frustration, emotional overwhelm?

Do you dread the stress that seems to come with the holiday season each year?

My mother gifted me a series of mini-clearings over the holidays last year. Typically we can have a pretty stressful family dynamic when we all get together, particularly with the stress of the holidays. My first clearing was on Christmas Day (which also happened to be a full moon!) and I must say it was the most enjoyable and relaxing Christmas we’ve had as a family in years! If that isn’t a testimony to the power of Natanya’s work, I am not sure what is!
— Grateful Daughter

Let's face it ~

Making guest lists, packing lists, and shopping lists...
Running around like crazy, picking up food, gifts, decorations...
... and making sure everything else still runs smoothly... work, family, home...

With all of this, your energy and emotions can feel a bit out of control, even at the best of times. Maybe this shows up as frustration with your family, exhaustion, anger, or just feeling completely overwhelmed.

Whatever it looks like, how do you normally deal with it? And what is your plan to manage it?

This is where Energy Clearing can help

Imagine releasing some of that stress and feeling a bit calmer this holiday season...

What better gift for yourself, than a more peaceful holiday season?
It won't clutter your home or your closet. It has no calories, and it will help you feel  better.

Plus, I do all the work while you're going about your day.. how amazing is that?

Choose from two levels of support, to fit your needs:

Ease:  6 mini-clearings over 6 weeks, to release unnecessary energetic friction

Flow: 12 mini-clearings over 6 weeks, to keep your energy clear and flowing

I really can’t thank you enough. I know on a very real level that without your help this week (and of course leading up to it) that I would not have gotten through this with as little anxiety as I did. I was really able to work through what anxiety did pop up and find ways to relax.
— Elizabeth

Hi! if we haven't met yet, I'm Natanya ~

I've been intuitively practicing clearing energy my entire life. A few years ago, I had an experience which led me to explore working with energy intentionally, and ultimately to share the incredible gift of clearing with you.

Over the years, I have seen clients make remarkable shifts in the way they feel on a daily basis, their relationships, productivity, and lifestyle. My unique approach allows clearing to happen gently and compassionately, tailored to meet you where you are.

How does it work?

Mini clearings will release aggravating energy that may have settled into your system.
Done regularly, the effects are cumulative, allowing greater clarity and higher levels of functioning overall.

6 session package (Ease), clearings will occur 1x weekly
12 session package (Flow), clearings will occur 2x weekly

Both services begin with a 15 minute phone call. Email support is included.

All sessions are remote.

Thank you so much for this! I’ve had a possibly life-altering life experience that isn’t shaking me at all, and I think I have you to thank for that :) I’m just letting it roll off my shoulders.
— Vickie

Two levels of support available:

Ease:  6 mini-clearings over 6 weeks, to release unnecessary energetic friction

Flow: 12 mini-clearings over 6 weeks, to keep your energy clear and flowing

Holiday Special ~ Ease: $150 / Flow: $300

This sounds awesome, I'm in!

I received a series of clearings from Natanya during a period of total upheaval in my life.

Natanya’s clearings are felt immediately and gave me a sense of clarity and ease that really made my transition so much easier.

After the healing, dissonant energy that had been hanging around was just gone. It was as if I had been in a noisy, distracting room and suddenly there was silence.

Natanya is a truly gifted healer and I would recommend her services without reservation
— Elisabeth Wolfe,

Ready to feel a bit more peace during the season?