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Sam (not his real name) was causing disruption on the school bus daily. He would run around on the bus, kick other kids’ seats, and would not listen to direction from the bus driver. At home, his mom said he was like a ping-pong ball bouncing around all over the place. His energy and moods were up and down. His parents had used up their strategies, were at a loss, and didn’t want to give him medication.

Within a week of my working with Sam, the incidents on the bus stopped and he was much calmer at home. After a month, other people who knew Sam started noticing a marked change in his behavior. By the time we completed our work together his energy had shifted completely. No longer the boy bouncing off the walls, his mom was astounded and overflowing with gratitude at the change.


You want your kids to be successful and to enjoy their lives.

But sometimes you can’t imagine how they’ll function if they can’t focus or keep track of… anything.
All the bouncing around physically and talking incessantly can be crazy-making.

Maybe they’re on medication (or you’re seriously considering it.)

As a parent, you do what you can to create an environment that supports their success.
You hire tutors or aids where they’re needed.
You read parenting books, and maybe take a parenting class or work with a coach.
You set boundaries and expectations.
You seek resources from doctors and other professionals.

You do your best to be the best parent you can be.
Sometimes, you simply need more than another parenting technique.

Natanya is extremely professional and her energy healings are powerful. I have referred patients to Natanya for effective healing and plan to refer more in the future. Even if you are hesitant about energy medicine or are not sure what it is, please consider it. Natanya will walk you through the process step by step and support and explain the whole way.
— Dr. Travis Elliott,

My work is different. It helps to re-balance the body’s energy system.

What - you might ask - is the energy system?

Just as the body has a circulatory system and digestive system, it has an energy system. Eastern medicine (like acupuncture) has been working with it for thousands of years. And like the body’s other systems, the energy system can accumulate blockages if not cared for.

Just as blockages in the circulatory and digestive systems have physical consequences ranging from reflux to heart attack, build-up in the energy system results in emotional and behavioral symptoms (though it can also lead to physical issues over time.)

I help the body release blockages in the energy system so it can come back into balance.

How does it work?

The process I use releases excess and aggravating energy that may have settled into your child's energy system.
Done regularly, it allows for higher levels of functioning overall.

Your child begins to receive energetic support as soon as you sign up, and continually for the duration of our time working together.
In addition, I'm available for email consultation and energetic support from beginning to end.

All sessions are remote!

No need to schlep to another appointment, and I can help wherever you are in the world!

We start with a phone consultation to assess whether this service is a good fit for your child.

There’s no fee for the initial call.

On the call, we’ll discuss your specific situation. In some cases, I’ll have suggestions for you to implement right away.
Then we’ll schedule the sessions and get started!

Hyperactive and dysregulated behavior is a result of over-stimulation of the nervous system.

Some sensitive energy systems find it challenging to process all the information they receive. Regular energy clearing over time can help to rid the system of excess while creating new patterns for processing the energy.

Balancing for hyperactivity & dysregulation:
12 weeks, to lock in new energetic patterns


*(please note: everyone’s energetic system is different. For some, the above suggested series may be enough; others may benefit from more.)

All feels a bit too “woo-woo”?

I totally get it. There’s a lot of stuff out there that seems, well, “out there”. However, this process is based in known systems: the 5-element system of energy used for thousands of years by acupuncturists; and science ~ more specifically, quantum physics.

Still skeptical? No problem! I’ve had plenty of clients who started out skeptics and ended up thrilled with their results. Luckily, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work… just sit back and enjoy the benefits ;)

Concerned about the cost?

What would the benefits be to your child (and you!) to directly address their hyperactivity? Perhaps you’ve considered (or are using) medication to help. Perhaps you’ve worked with other methods as well. All come with a cost.

This energy work has an effect immediately. Over time, it creates powerful changes in the energy system of the body which, if maintained, will support your child into the future. It works alongside all traditional (and non-traditional) therapies, and can only enhance the benefits of these methods. And, you basically have me on call to support your child for the duration of the time we’re working together.

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t take it from me… here’s what past clients have to say:

My son did the exercises you taught him tonight before bed to help bring his energy down. Every morning and every night. I am extremely grateful — this is so good for my boy!
— Ronda, mom to 10-year-old boy

I have many tools to help raise my spunky and often hyperactive and energetic 5-year-old to be the happy kid we all want our children to be. But I needed more. This was a new experience that I didn’t have with my 8 year old.

My son had a hard time settling into bed, sometimes not settling until 11pm or midnight after starting the bedtime routine at 8:00 on school nights, he just COULD’T turn off. I tried essential oils, rescue remedy, no electronics, calm time always before bed. It was out of any of our control, even his.

He was also on the move constantly! I had gym mats, an indoor bounce house ever since he was 2... things to help him move and expel his cooped up enormous amounts of energy.

Even after just ONE session with Natanya, there was a shift! My neighbor who sometimes watches my boys and who has her own grown children couldn’t’ believe it. She thought I medicated him!... (and sheepishly admitted she had considered telling me that she thought he might have A.D.D. last time she watched him.

I shared with her that the only thing I did was hire Natanya! Natanya worked with him (mind you I’m in NY and she’s in VT), all with distant healing energy work. Quite incredible.

I am truly in awe, as are so many others who I’ve openly shared that Natanya’s work is the ONLY change I made when they see my son now. All the results of her amazing work and talents. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Melissa Rae Toro, parenting coach at