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“Working with Natanya created a real, tangible shift in my world. And I’m delighted!

I had an Energy Clearing with Natanya at a time when I was feeling challenged by a big business collaboration in my life. I felt frustrated and was beginning to shut down in my communication with my partners. Natanya took great care in listening to the situation; simply voicing it with her was a helpful step. After the Clearing was done, she took equal care in following up with me in a way that helped to integrate the outcome of the session. Since our work together, I have experienced a real shift in my communication within the collaborative partnership. Working with Natanya was a pleasure and I can highly recommend it!”

— Bari Tessler, Founder of The Art of Money

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“I received a series of clearings from Natanya during a period of total upheaval in my life; I was completely changing my identity and I had some negative beliefs and difficulty hanging around and making me uncomfortable.

Natanya’s clearings are felt immediately and gave me a sense of clarity and ease that really made my transition so much easier.

She has a gift of presenting “problems” in a positive light and provides sweet, nurturing guidance for moving forward.

After the healing, dissonant energy that had been hanging around was just gone. It was as if I had been in a noisy, distracting room and suddenly there was silence.

Natanya is a truly gifted healer and I would recommend her services without reservation.”

— Elisabeth Wolfe,

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“Natanya’s energy clearing was such a gift. She immediately sensed where I carried too much Water and Fire energy and released what was not needed so that I could feel more balance and lightness in my body. She shared specific messages for me relating to tapping into my own intution and self-care which were invaluable. I felt very clearly “seen” and understood through her reading which helps me to release what isn’t serving me, and tune my attention towards what is supporting me. Thank you, Natanya, for being so generous and caring and for supporting me through your gifts.”

— Lisa Fraley, Attorney + Legal Coach,

“Natanya is extremely professional and her energy healings are powerful. I have referred patients to Natanya for effective healing and plan to refer more in the future. Even if you are hesitant about energy medicine or are not sure what it is, please consider this healing service. Natanya will walk you through the process step by step and support and explain the whole way."

— Dr. Travis Elliott,

Our son was about to turn 2 when he had his first energy clearings with Natanya. We had been dealing with tantrums that seemed to come out of nowhere and were growing worse for almost a year, and we were at a loss for what to do. Also during that year, our son’s eczema became out of control and no doctor or anything else we tried (ointments, diet, naturopaths) could get rid of it. It almost seemed like his emotions and his eczema had grown worse together, and the two seemed related.

After 2 or 3 mini clearings with Natanya, our son’s emotional responses began to regulate- he had fits that seemed more appropriate for a 2 year old, but the out of control reactions to nothing at all subsided. And, amazingly, his skin cleared up. It was the first time in a year that he experienced complete relief from his rash.

In addition to the energy clearings, Natanya has provided us with invaluable guidance and advice as parents, partners, and individuals. Her gentle, non-invasive approach has been so easy and comfortable to work with.
— Shenal & Bobby

“Our eight year old son was holding many worries that would keep him from enjoying each day and would sometimes wake him up at night.

We reached out to Natanya Lara for help. She was able to work with our son in ways that we could not, to help him find ways to clear his energy, protect his abilities and nurture his sensitivities. He can now easily identify his worries and he has strategies that he can use to help them vanish as quickly as they come.

Since working with Natanya we have seen our son blossom in so many ways. He can move gracefully and easily move through each day. His teacher even noticed differences in his ability to focus and refocus in his daily work at school.

We would recommend Natanya to all who think that energy work would enhance their child’s experience. Our son’s path feels is clearer- and he feels more confident because of Natanya Lara’s support. Thank you.”

— Heather and Andrew, Parents

Working with Natanya has helped shift my energy from feeling stuck to being re-energized and refocus on what is important in my life. This new found energy will help me reach my goals faster and with more clarity. I gained more insight in one session with Natanya than in working with other modalities on the last few years.
— Carla Turcotte

I really want to tell you that as of this past Tuesday mid-day, it feels like this huge energy lifted off — yes, cleared — and I feel back to a self I understand and recognize again, but now with the recognition that I am really susceptible to energies in a **big way** — such that i can actually live a whole different way than i understand or am comfortable with. now i feel refreshed, but grounded in a way that feels also free. I am me! I can make choices that matter to me and live my life accordingly! It is all perfect timing with summer releases too... It is all coming together.
— Dana Boyd

I really enjoyed my shamanic healing session with Natanya. Her notes on what she saw on my chakras was so spot-on and exactly the validation that I needed right then. It was amazing to me how much validation she provided, for things I’ve been working on for the past year. Then, she went straight to the most pressing challenge I’m facing right now, and helped me heal that. I highly recommend working with Natanya!
— Katie Benedetto Jones

When I first began my correspondence with Natanya I didn’t know a lot about Shamanic Healing. I also didn’t know how it would benefit me but I knew there was a purpose for our paths crossing, so I scheduled my appointment. I am SO glad I did! Natanya healed and cleared my severely blocked energy body. That stagnant energy was causing me to dig my heels in and be in a constant state of resistance. She got my energy flowing again and gave me some tools to keep it moving. Along with this release of energy, things in my life that no longer serve my highest good are falling away, while new things are flowing in - and I’m actually open to the process. :) I’m sincerely grateful for the amazing healing session with Natanya!
— Jodi Moot

I found reading about your experience of the clearing really powerful: and so many things in there resonate with me. I’m excited to have all of that clearing taking place, and feel really released by it.
— Katherine Parrott

Visualization has always been a powerful tool for me in reaching my goals, and before our session I’d started to struggle to see where I wanted to go. The visions were there but they more of a struggle to create in my mind than usual. Since our session they’re again vivid and bright and I can easily call on and see them anytime during the day. And when I’m really focused on them when I sit down to meditate first thing each morning, they are so vivid they send shivers down my body and I can’t help but laugh and grin while sitting on my meditation pillow. That’s a whole new experience for me, and it’s very validating that I’m moving in the right direction.
— Michelle Warner

I was really looking forward to my session with Natanya and she didn’t disappoint! It was fascinating that even though she was working remotely, I could feel the energy shifting and clearing.

Natanya picked up on an issue that I have struggled with for years and it doesn’t surprise me that it links to a past life! It was also amazing that she was able to describe a sacred place that I go to every day when in deep meditation - I have never spoken of this place to anyone!

A few days later and the shifts are still occurring, lots of emotions coming to the surface for release. I have also experienced a powerful release while in meditation which was surprising, but much needed. It was connected to something, I thought I had already let go of….

I look forward to seeing what else happens over the next few week, but I definitely feel more connected to myself, I am clearer on what I want from life and who I am.
Thank you Natanya!
— Marie Houlden

Natanya Lara is compassion wrapped in practical wisdom. Working with Natanya is an investment in your family and a true gift to yourself.
— Arianna Pritchett

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