Calm the Crazy...

Ever feel like sometimes your kids' energy can be a bit much for you? (...understatement ;)

Ever lock yourself in the bathroom to seek refuge from a tantruming child or fighting siblings?
Ever sit in the kitchen, dazed, after your son had an emotional whirlwind that seemed to come out of nowhere?
Ever feel like you're not sure how to help your daughter with anxiety about sleeping in her own room?

I have for sure. That, and more.

And, I've worked with plenty of parents trying to get a handle on their own reactions to their kids' energy. (Those of you who have been around here for a while remember that I used to focus on parent coaching.)

But what about kids' experience of their own energy?

What would it be like for them to be empowered with ways to deal with feeling out of control, overwhelmed with anxiety, or sensitive to their environment?

What if your child understood his own energy?

Our eight year old son was holding many worries, that would keep him from enjoying each day and would sometimes wake him up at night.

We reached out to Natanya for help. She was able to work with our son in ways that we could not. He can now easily identify his worries and has strategies to help them vanish as quickly as they come.

Since working with Natanya we have seen our son blossom in so many ways. He can move gracefully and easily move through each day. His teacher even noticed differences in his ability to focus and refocus in his daily work at school.
— Heather, mom to Eli

Kids really get this stuff

And, they think it's COOL! (because it is ;))


  • being able to ask your daughter what she needs to feel better and having her be able to tell you, and then do it?
  • your son having an understanding of just how much his energy matters, and effects the people around him?
  • a  day when you're upset and your child suggests something you can do to calm down? (this is an example from real life, people!)

Kids really get this stuff.

Because they're closer to it than we are. We've had so many more years of conditioning, but they're still building their foundation.

Imagine if being aware of their own energy was a central part of this foundation?

Natanya has been doing Mindfulness and Energy work with the students of our class to help them be more aware of their energies and emotions and to give them the tools to shift and change them. Already, I have seen students use the simple exercises she has suggested to both wake themselves up and calm themselves down. Thanks Natanya!
— Danielle, grade 4/5 classroom teacher

In just six weeks..

Drawing from a range of resources from classic mindfulness to cutting-edge neuroscience, I'll make understanding energy super accessible with a combination of stories, videos, music, and applied mindfulness techniques.

Each week will build toward students having a concrete understanding of their personal energy. They'll learn how to tune in to how they're feeling, so they can begin to identify what feels good and what doesn't and start to recognize when and how to change it.

This 6 -week foundations class is an introduction to basic concepts and strategies.

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My son did a bunch of exercises you taught him tonight before bed to help bring his energy down. Every morning and every night. Clearly, you know how to connect with kids. I, for one, am extremely grateful — this is so good for my boy!
— Mom of 10 year old boy

What can I expect in six weeks?

Research shows that understanding HOW and WHY things work the way they do makes it easier for us to absorb new information. This is true for kids too.

If your child feels deeply or has a brain that goes a million miles a minute, they'll absorb this like a sponge. 

After six weeks they'll have a working vocabulary for their own energy and a practical understanding of how it impacts the people around them. They'll also have some basic tools to use to stay balanced daily, as well as specifically for times when they're tired, over-excited, angry, or feeling particularly sensitive.

Does this sound like it will be awesome for your child?

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It’s often hard to wake my son up for school in the mornings. When he woke up tired yesterday he said “I know what to do!” and started doing the exercise you had taught him. So cool!
— Grateful Mom