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Ready to fully embody your Self?


A Shamanic Journey is truly transformational.

Feeling scattered, overwhelmed, unclear in your goals or purpose? 

On your journey, I gather fragmented aspects of your energy to re-incorporate into your energetic body, so you can more fully embody your POWER and TRUTH.

It may sound wacky (I know ;))  But it's WOW...

Working with Natanya has helped shift my energy from feeling stuck to being re-energized and refocus on what is important in my life. This new found energy will help me reach my goals faster and with more clarity. I gained more insight in one session with Natanya than in working with other modalities on the last few years.
— Carla Turcotte

Ready to shift from the inside out?

All you do is rest wherever you are.

As you're resting, I'll journey for you... through varied landscapes, past lives, and into the ethereal realm of the angels. The work itself is wild and wonderful, and unfolds as a rich tapestry. The gifts you receive will inform your life and strengthen you energetically.

After the session, you'll receive a full report of exactly what happened on your Journey. What you learn from this about yourself and where to focus your energy offers another layer for your transformation.

All sessions include one week of follow-up support.

The investment for this service is $250.


I was really looking forward to my session with Natanya and she didn’t disappoint! It was fascinating that even though she was working remotely, I could feel the energy shifting and clearing.

Natanya picked up on an issue that I have struggled with for years and it doesn’t surprise me that it links to a past life! It was also amazing that she was able to describe a sacred place that I go to every day when in deep meditation - I have never spoken of this place to anyone!

A few days later and the shifts are still occurring, lots of emotions coming to the surface for release. I have also experienced a powerful release while in meditation which was surprising, but much needed. It was connected to something, I thought I had already let go of….

I look forward to seeing what else happens over the next few week, but I definitely feel more connected to myself, I am clearer on what I want from life and who I am.

Thank you Natanya!
— Marie Houlden