Personalized SongMantra™

Here's what I know:

You are always returning to your True Self.

Again... and again... and again...

I know ~ you get pulled back into the minutea, overwhelm, frustration. But eventually you do find your way back to the best version of yourself, the real you beneath the stress and stories ~ even if after hours, or days, or months ~ even if only for a moment. Perhaps through meditation, yoga, writing, time spent in nature, or simply by grace.

SongMantras can guide you back.

Consistently. In a moment.

Natanya shifted my soul, my thinking, even when I wasn’t ready, didn’t think I needed to be shifted. After a brief conversation revealing that I was sick and not “feeling” it in my business, she sent me a mantra. I was skeptical to say the least but, after hearing it for literally two seconds, I cracked open and began crying. She moved me in a way that I haven’t allowed myself in years. As a result of plugging her mantra into my earbuds and listening, I am back on track and feeling like myself again. Wow, thank you Natanya for your true gift!
— Lane Kennedy,

Imagine a mantra created just for you, to support you where you need it most.

What's challenging you right now? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive?
  • SongMantras will get your mind focused and you back on track.

  • Are you easily frustrated with your children?
  • SongMantras will support you in creating an inner space of calm to access as needed.

  • Are you questioning yourself, lacking confidence?
  • SongMantras will remind you of your core strength, and keep you focused on your intentions.

These are just a few benefits my clients have experienced with personalized SongMantras™.

** let's create something to support you in whatever adventure you're having! **

So what exactly does “personalized" look like?

To create your personalized SongMantra ~ I tune in to your energy and use my intuitive gifts to receive a divinely guided message to help you with your specific issues.  I draw down the exact message you need, with the melodic line to make it memorable. (One client referred to it as having a personal theme song!)

AND... you don't need to be struggling to benefit from SongMantras ;)

Some of my clients have simply said “I'd like to hear whatever message would be most supportive in my life right now"... and it always arrives. (Sometimes it still surprises me how perfect these messages are ~ according to those who receive them!)

When you receive a personalized SongMantra, your unique needs will be met.

Ultimately, I connect with exactly what your soul needs to bring into your life.

Wow, listening to this changed my vibration and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much Natanya, I’m just blown away.
— Alicia Forest, 6 Figure Coach
Wow, just wow. You have such powerful gifts - you have no idea! I am amazed by how timely this is.
— Erin Cox,

For me, meditation has never worked because it’s silent. The fact that SongMantras work for me is remarkable
— Lisa Braithwaite, Public Speaking Coach




The Story...

SongMantras were born in a moment of grace ~

As I was simply driving home from an inspiring conference, having spent three days with people I admire, these song bytes started playing in my head. I began singing them, then recording them on my phone. And they kept coming...

In the days following, I continued to sing them at times when I felt stressed or frustrated. 

Quite simply, they helped me.

So, I shared them. And they helped others.

The more I shared, the more stories I heard about how powerful they were.

  • A woman who has difficulty meditating used them to calm her mind.
  • A mindfulness coach used them with her clients, with wonderful results.
  • A mother used them with her child, who loved them, and was later heard singing one to herself in her room.

And then I found that I could channel them individually, to support people in whatever they were needing most. 

Again, the feedback was overwhelming.

SongMantras are truly a quick fix that re-direct me in a matter of moments, when it would take too long to get onto the (yoga) mat or to meditate. I even use them between clients to clear my mind and energy
— Sheena Bounsanga, Mindfulness Coach




Such a deep resonance... The timing of receiving it was supreme. I will be living with it, inviting the wisdom and transformation... I am so grateful you are sharing your gift. The transmission is so clear.
— Kristin Borquist, Healer





People continue to ask about my process of creating SongMantras™, so I'll share that process here...

I hope it gives you insight into why they are so powerful.

To be clear ~ I don' t create them. They come through me, gifts from the Universe ~ the perfect language and tones for your alignment (If this sounds a bit woo to you. Trust me, this is just how it works.) Here's the magic:

  • First, I bring to mind your needs (after we've spent a bit of time connecting)
  • Then I reach out to feel and connect with your energetic field.
  • I ask the Universe to send me the perfect message for you
  • And listen...
  • Usually, I hear the musical lines first (but not always)
  • Then the words come through
  • I'll start to sing words and music, feeling into whether any tweaking is needed
  • I continue to sing, listening for a shift of words here and there, as feels right...
  • ...Until it flows
  • When it's just right, I feel an energetic 'pop', starting in my heart and working through my limbs, like chills of excitement.
  • Your SongMantra™ has been received!

Finally, there's the process of recording it for you, but by this time the SongMantra™ itself is already complete. Once recorded, I send you the link to download, and it's yours to listen to whenever and as often as you'd like!


This is not a process I invented. I didn't go looking for it. It simply arrived one day, without ceremony.

Since that day, I have channeled SongMantras™ for many people on various occasions ~ during gatherings, for a mastermind group, for birth, loss, healing, solace, celebration, refuge, and simply to calm the overwhelming voices that can drown out your own inner voice.

It is an honor to share them with you, to support your needs right now.

It’s so simple it can stick in your head right away, I didn’t need to work to memorize it
— Renee Kendley, Parenting Coach




So, what exactly do you get when you request a personalized SongMantra™?

  • A 30-45 minute phone session with me
    ~ this is where we connect to talk briefly about what's up for you

  • Next, I do my intuitive magic to receive your SongMantra™
    ~ this is also where I record it for you

  • Finally you receive your SongMantra™ to have forever.
    ~ You can download it to your phone to listen to it at any time.

The fee for this service is $150


How can SongMantras™ support you? What area of your life would you like to shift or enhance? Apply below now and let me know. I look forward to talking with you, and bringing your personalized SongMantra into the world.


~ If you're curious and have questions about SongMantras™ feel free to email me at natanya @ natanyalara dot com ~

~ If this sings out to you, contact me for your personalized SongMantra™~