What if you could help your child find greater balance?

What if you could navigate the stress of parenting with grace?

Are you overwhelmed by your family’s dynamics?
Are you concerned about your child's anxiety or stress?
Does your child have relentless tantrums or hyperactive behavior?
Do you sometimes lie awake at night, wondering what to do?

Hi, I'm Natanya ~

I’m here to help you and your child
 release stress & anxiety, and simply enjoy life more!

When you change your Energy, you change your Life.


How Energy Clearing can support you and your child

What people are saying about it

A simple way to shift your energy, my Gift to you

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Since working with Natanya we have seen our son blossom in so many ways. He can move gracefully and easily move through each day. His teacher even noticed differences in his ability to focus and refocus in his daily work at school.
— Heather and Andrew

Our son was about to turn 2 when he had his first energy clearings with Natanya. We had been dealing with tantrums that seemed to come out of nowhere and were growing worse for almost a year, and we were at a loss for what to do. After 2 or 3 mini clearings with Natanya, our son’s emotional responses began to regulate- he had fits that seemed more appropriate for a 2 year old, but the out of control reactions to nothing at all subsided.
— Shenal & Bobby

Natanya is a truly gifted healer and I would recommend her services without reservation.
— Elisabeth Wolfe, lisacwolfe.com

Working with Natanya created a real, tangible shift in my world. And I’m delighted!
— Bari Tessler, Founder, The Art of Money